Get ready to cook...
Elexir defi protocole

Our goal

Bringing joy to building passive income through gamified DeFi!
Building wealth should be entertaining and engaging! We're bringing gamification to lower the barrier of entry of DeFi and make it a delightful experience.
Using DeFi should not feel like flying an airplane. We're building best-in-class product UI/UX to onboard a broad audience.
The protocol is built with sustainability in mind. It lays on-top of strong mechanics to make it thrive long-term.

How to become a wizard?


$ELXR is the main token of Elexir.
Either produce it with your cauldrons, buy it from the market or buy it at a discount on the dApp against listed tokens! 

You’ll use your $ELXR to craft Cauldrons that produce more $ELXR or buy in-game perks assets to enhance your cooking skills.

Craft Cauldrons

Cauldrons are scarce yield bearing NFTs that produce $ELXR.

Each Cauldron can be leveled up with game assets to increase its yield. You can either claim the rewards or trade your unique cauldron on the marketplace.

Play & Earn

Elaborate the best strategy to become the most prolific wizard ! 

Become a wizard cooker or a wizard trader and master the game.

It's only the beginning

PHASE 1 · Q1
ᐧ Presale
ᐧ Public sale
ᐧ Beta
ᐧ Launch
PHASE 2 · Q1
ᐧ Wizard PFP  NFTs
ᐧ Leaderboard
ᐧ New in-game assets
ᐧ PvP features
PHASE 3 · Q2
PHASE 4 · Q3

Elexir's project has been shutdown